Thursday, February 20, 2014

Welcome to Six Championship Drive

Six Championship Drive is a new basketball blog created with the intent to produce new and different content about the Detroit Pistons.  When delving in to analysis of both players, the team and its opponents, advanced stats will be the main method of critique.  Most sports fans know what advanced statistics have done for the game of baseball, but advanced stats are also a developing realm in basketball as well.

As a huge Pistons fan who developed a love for the game of basketball while the Pistons were in the early stages of their success in the early to mid-2000s, I can say that the last few years of Detroit basketball have been very hard to watch.  The coming years may be equally frustrating to watch and write about.  The goal of this blog will be to enhance the watching experience through the advancement of knowledge about the team, its players and its coaches and executives. 

I probably don't have to make it known that I'm not a professional writer or an English major, you'll figure that out on your own.  What I hope will make my writing interesting and readable, is my passion for the game and the team, and my willingness to learn and introduce new concepts.  With that being said, check back in regularly and please follow on Twitter, @Kevin6CD.

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