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2014 Mock Draft 3.0 (Second Round)

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31st - Milwaukee Bucks - Jordan Clarkson - G - Missouri, Jr. - 6'5, 195
NBA Comparison: Rodney Stuckey

Clarkson is a combo guard, there's no doubt about that.  He's got the court vision and passing ability to play PG, but isn't a good enough shooter to play off the ball full time.  This will probably make him a career back-up.

32nd - Philadelphia 76ers - James Michael McAdoo - PF - North Carolina, Jr. - 6'9, 230
NBA Comparison: Terrence Jones

Now is a good time to remind everybody that the comparisons are based on style of play.  McAdoo doesn't score much outside the paint, and despite taking most of his shots from close range, isn't very efficient.  However, he has an NBA-ready body and would work well in Philly's up-tempo system.

33rd - Cleveland Cavaliers - Mitch McGary - C - Michigan, So. - 6'10, 250
NBA Comparison: Boris Diaw

Who knows if McGary will get healthy in time to showcase himself in time for the draft, but if he does, I think it's likely he'll leave Michigan.  He's already 22 years old and it's hard to see a 23 year old going as a lottery pick.  Skilled big men are hard to find, so somebody will take the risk to see if he can stick in the NBA.

34th - Utah Jazz - Deonte Burton - PG - Nevada, Sr. - 6'1, 190
NBA Comparison: Eric Bledsoe

Burton isn't much of an outside shooter, but he's an electric athlete.  The Jazz need depth at just about every position, so playing him behind Burke wouldn't be too much of an issue.

35th - Los Angeles Lakers - A.J. Hammons - C - Purdue, So. - 7'0, 255
NBA Comparison: Kosta Koufos

Hammons might play himself into the first round if he played another year at Purdue...but to do that, he'd have to play another year at Purdue.  He's a big body who would surely get picked this year, it's just a matter of where.  Not sure he'll ever score enough to be a starter, but his defense and rebounding would be valuable off the bench.

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36th - Dallas Mavericks - C.J. Fair - G/F - Syracuse, Sr. - 6'8, 215
NBA Comparison: Gerald Wallace

Fair isn't a very good outside shooter, despite taking just over two threes per game.  He's at his best when he's attacking the basket, and has the physical tools to hold up on the defensive end.

37th - Sacramento Kings - Cameron Clark - SF - Oklahoma, Sr. - 6'7, 210
NBA Comparison: Jae Crowder

Clark budded into a reliable scorer this year at Oklahoma thanks to his three point shot jumping into the 40% range.  If he can do that from NBA range too, he'll find a role coming off somebody's bench.

38th - Detroit Pistons - Johnny O'Bryant - C - LSU, Jr. - 6'9, 260
NBA Comparison: J.J. Hickson

Johnny O'Bryant is massive, at 6'9, 260.  He has a pretty good offensive game, using his size and range out to about 15-17 feet.  Conditioning at the NBA level might be an issue.  Look for more on him later in a 2014 Draft Scouting Report.

39th - Cleveland Cavaliers - Thanasis Antetokounmpo - SF - NBA D-League - 6'7, 215
NBA Comparison: Giannis Antetokounmpo

The older brother of Bucks' rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing pretty well in the D-League.  His size and length will probably get him a shot at an NBA roster spot.  Needs to develop a jumper if he plans on sticking.

40th - New Orleans Pelicans - Jordan Bachynski - C - Arizona State, Sr. - 7'2, 250
NBA Comparison: Timofey Mozgov

The nation's leading shot blocker will get a shot due to his size.  Not much of an offensive player, but can score off of any offensive rebounds he collects.

41st - Houston Rockets - Isaiah Austin - C - Baylor, So. - 7'1, 225
NBA Comparison: Spencer Hawes

Austin looked pretty good in Baylor's win over Creighton on Sunday night.  Another solid game or two in the tournament could push him closer to the first round.  Good height, length and shooting.

42nd - Denver Nuggets - Shawn Long - PF - UL-Lafayette, So. - 6'9, 245
NBA Comparison: Markieff Morris

Long is the lesser known member of UL-Lafayette's tandem, playing alongside Elfrid Payton.  He has a good inside-out game and is ready for the physical play in the paint at the NBA level.

43rd - Minnesota Timberwolves - Semaj Christon - PG - Xavier, So. - 6'3, 190
NBA Comparison: Reggie Jackson

Christon is another player who could probably solidify himself as a 1st round pick with another good college season next year.  If he does stay in school, he needs to cut down the turnovers and show that his improved three point shooting wasn't just a fluke.

44th - Phoenix Suns - Vasilije Micic - G - Serbia, 1994 - 6'4, 190
NBA Comparison: Jeff Teague

Micic is a big PG, who avoids the combo guard tag due to his superb court vision and skill passing the ball.  Not a very good shooter, but in Europe, he didn't need to be.

45th - Atlanta Hawks - Alec  Brown - F/C - Wisconsin-Green Bay, Sr. - 7'1, 235
NBA Comparison: Channing Frye

Brown avoids getting compared to Spencer Hawes because he just isn't much of a rebounder.  With the league in love with stretch fours, he'll be a hot commodity in the 2nd round.

46th - Charlotte Bobcats - Patric Young - F/C - Florida, Sr. - 6'9, 240
NBA Comparison: Reggie Evans

Young is 240 pounds of pure muscle; an absolute bruiser.  He looked like a potential lottery pick after a strong sophomore campaign, but chose to stay in school.  Has enough talent to get a look.

47th - Washington Wizards - Jordan McRae - SG - Tennessee, Sr. - 6'6, 185
NBA Comparison: Jeremy Lamb

McRae gets things done in a variety of ways, including from the outside; he shot 37% from deep in a high usage role for Tennessee this year.

48th - Philadelphia 76ers - Lamar Patterson - SG - Pittsburgh, Sr. - 6'5, 225
NBA Comparison: Lance Stephenson

Patterson won't be as much of an impact player as "Born Ready", but he's a good defender, playmaker and an adequate shooter if he isn't hurried.  Would probably be the best SG on Philly's sad roster this year.

49th - Chicago Bulls - Jahii Carson - PG - Arizona State, So. - 5'11, 180
NBA Comparison: D.J. Augustin

Carson does well creating off the dribble, both for himself and for his teammates.  Rebounds well for his size as well.

50th - Milwaukee Bucks - Casey Prather - G/F - Florida, Sr. - 6'6, 210
NBA Comparison: Gerald Wallace

Prather shot over 60% this season as a senior for the Gators, and it was mostly due to his ability to score in the paint.  Only attempted five shots from beyond the arc this year.

51st - Dallas Mavericks - Cory Jefferson - PF - Baylor, Sr. - 6'9, 225
NBA Comparison: Taj Gibson

Jefferson has great athleticism and a good mid-range game.  If he can bulk up a little bit more and add another couple feet to his range, he'd make for a good first or second big off the bench.

52nd - Cleveland Cavaliers - Shabazz Napier - PG - UConn, Sr. - 6'1, 180
NBA Comparison: Kemba Walker

It's no coincidence that Napier gets a Kemba Walker comparison, seeing as Jim Calhoun recruited both of them.  Napier is a do-it-all PG who can fill it up in a heartbeat.  Doesn't have the efficiency of Kemba.

53rd - Minnesota Timberwolves - Bogdan Bogdanovic - SG - Serbia, 1992 - 6'6, 200
NBA Comparison: C.J. Miles

Bogdanovic is a versatile SG who isn't going to blow anybody away with his game.  Probably a candidate to stay overseas for another year or two.

54th - Denver Nuggets - Keith Appling - PG - Michigan State, Sr. - 6'1, 185
NBA Comparison: Brian Roberts

Appling won't really "wow" you with any one skill, but he's a solid all-around player who has earned a shot at the NBA level with a good career at MSU.

55th - Philadelphia 76ers - Fuquan Edwin - SG - Seton Hall, Sr. - 6'6, 215
NBA Comparison: Iman Shumpert

Edwin doesn't do much more than put the ball in the hoop.  Saw a reduction in three point efficiency take a hit to his scoring in his senior year.

56th - Los Angeles Clippers - Russ Smith - G - Louisville, Sr. - 6'1, 175
NBA Comparison: Louis Williams

Smith is the definition of "streaky"; when he's on, good luck stopping him, when he's not, he can completely derail his team's offense.

57th - Miami Heat - Aaric Murray - C - Texas Southern, Sr. - 6'10, 245
NBA Comparison: Kelly Olynyk

Murray performed well enough in his one year as the go-to-guy at Texas Southern that he'll get a shot in the NBA.  Can score well from a lot of spots on the floor.

58th - Toronto Raptors - Juvonte Reddic - PF - VCU, Sr. - 6'9, 250
NBA Comparison: Andrew Nicholson

Versatile big man who does a few different things well.  Good rebounder and defender.

59th - Indiana Pacers - Kendall Williams - PG - New Mexico, Sr. - 6'4, 180
NBA Comparison: Ramon Sessions

Tall PG who developed a jump shot in his time at New Mexico.

60th - San Antonio Spurs - Mario Hezonja - SG - Croatia, 1995
NBA Comparison: Marco Belinelli

Let's hope the Spurs don't take him, or he'll be raining in threes after he gathers dust in Europe for three years.

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