Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Season Review: Charlie Villanueva


The end of the line has finally arrived for Charlie Villanueva's Pistons career.  Most people had high hopes for what he could bring to the offensive end of the floor for Detroit, but those hopes didn't take long to dissipate.  Villanueva's lack of consistency and defensive ability led to the $7.5M per year played never seeing more than 24 minutes per game in a Pistons uniform.  $37.7 million dollars and five years later, the Pistons are finally out from one of the league's worst contracts over the past five seasons.  Villanueva was rarely allowed to play long stretches this season, only amassing 180 minutes over 20 games played.  With that in mind, here are the numbers that Villanueva managed in his limited playing time:

12.7 4.6 46.9% 25.0% .152 10.3% 5.5% 6.7%
Well, if you didn't get why you didn't see much of Charlie this season before, you should now.  On top of being a poor shooter and a mediocre rebounder for his position, Villanueva was more likely to turn the ball over than set up his teammates.  Villanueva attempted 61.27% of his shots from behind the arc this season, which will usually yield a low Free Throw Rate like CV's rate of .152.  Villanueva's 99 ORtg ranks him only ahead of four other Pistons (Smith, Billups, Datome, Siva).  Not a good signal when you were signed to provide a team with offense to cancel out your poor defense.

Villanueva's shot chart is just brutal.  This is the shot chart of a player that Joe Dumars signed to be a stretch four.  These are the things that end with GMs "resigning".  I don't even really know what else to say about something that ugly.  The fact that he managed to get up 56 threes in 180 minutes while leaving the perimeter zones bloody speaks for itself.  


2014-15 Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

For the first time in five years in 2014-15, the Pistons will start a season without Charlie Villanueva on the roster.  Pour one out for him.  I highly doubt that he'll be able to latch on anywhere for more than the veteran's minimum.  However, GMs do stupid things and I bet he'll end up on an NBA roster somewhere for next season.  Cross your fingers and hope it's in the division.  If you've read this season review and Tony Mitchell's and are thinking "Hey, these are really short on content", you're right!  These are being done in order of minutes played for the season, so they'll be short on content by nature until the rotation guys hit.  Hold tight.


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