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2014 Big Board

1 - Andrew Wiggins - SF - Kansas, Fr. - 6'8, 200
Wiggins probably isn't the NBA's next mega-star as he was billed by some entering his freshman season at Kansas.  That being said, he's an elite athlete with a 7'0 wingspan and huge potential at both ends of the floor.  
Strengths: Athleticism, length, defensive upside     Weaknesses: Strength, shooting, ball-handling

2 - Jabari Parker - SF - Duke, Fr. - 6'8, 240
 Parker's game is predicated on scoring, and he really does it well.  He's also a solid rebounder, and his skills should translate well to the NBA.  He'll likely struggle on defense, and some see him as not having a position.  Strengths: Versatility, strength, shooting     Weaknesses: Defense, shot selection, quickness

3 - Joel Embiid - C - Kansas, Fr. - 7'0, 250
Embiid would likely be number one on my board if it weren't for the back injury.  When healthy, Embiid is an impact player at both ends of the court.  Great at both blocking and altering shots anywhere within a wingspan's radius, and not just at the hoop.  Offensive game is still developing, but he's shown flashes of having a variety of reliable post moves.
Strengths: Shot blocking, rebounding, length     Weaknesses: Raw, thin, back injury

4 - Dante Exum - PG - Australia, 1995 - 6'6, 185
Exum's skillset should translate nicely to the NBA.  He uses a combination of size, length and court vision to be an exceptional passer.  Scoring game, specifically his outside shooting is still developing.  Should profile as a good defender if he can add the necessary strength.
Strengths: Passing, length, basketball IQ     Weaknesses: Thin, outside shooting

5 - Julius Randle - PF - Kentucky, Fr. - 6'9, 250
Julius Randle is by far this draft class' best and strongest post scorer.  Has a nice array of back-to-the-basket moves, but also uses his surprising quickness to his advantage when facing up.  He's also very skilled at getting to the FT line.  However, he's not a good defender and still needs to fine-tune his mid-range jumper.
Strengths: Post game, rebounding, size/strength     Weaknesses: Defense, turnovers, shooting

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6 - Marcus Smart - PG - Oklahoma St., Fr. - 6'4, 225
Smart is a massive PG with good athleticism and passing ability.  He's also a great defender, even if he does gamble too often.  Needs to enhance his perimeter game and leadership ability/mental composure.  However, his "incidents" at OSU this year were overblown.
Strengths: Passing, defense, body/athleticism     Weaknesses: Shooting, composure/leadership

7 - Noah Vonleh - PF - Indiana, Fr. - 6'10, 240
Vonleh is a raw prospect in a few aspects.  His body still needs to fill out and he lacks offensive polish.  Whoever drafts him will get a big with legitimate size, a huge wingspan and good rebounding skills.  Has big potential on the defensive end of the floor.
Strengths: Rebounding, length, athleticism     Weaknesses: Raw, post scoring

8 - Aaron Gordon - F - Arizona, Fr. - 6'9, 225
Gordon was an impact player as a freshman at Arizona.  He's an explosive athlete, smart defensive player and an intense competitor.  Has range out to the three point line, even if he's an inconsistent shooter.  Needs to bulk up to play PF or improve ball-handling to play SF.
Strengths: Athleticism, versatility, defense     Weaknesses: Lack of position, scoring, size

9 - James Young - SG - Kentucky, Fr. - 6'7, 215
Young is a scoring wing with good size and a 6'11 wingspan.  He's still developing his three-point shot, and his defensive skills.  Could probably spend time at SF in the NBA as well due to his physical tools.
Strengths: Size, length, scoring ability     Weaknesses: Defense, shooting

10 - Nik Stauskas - SG - Michigan, So. - 6'6, 210
Stauskas is either the best or 2nd best shooter in this draft, depending on who you ask.  He also gets things done well off the dribble and is an above-average passer for a SG.  Still needs to add strength, but is a good athlete.  Will likely never be a plus defender.
Strengths: Shooting, scoring, passing     Weaknesses: Defense, strength

11 - Dario Saric - SF - Croatia, 1994 - 6'10, 225
Saric is a prototypical "point forward" who uses his length and size to be a facilitator on the floor.  Jump shot and scoring ability are still developing as he gets stronger.  Lack of elite athleticism may hold him back when he gets to the NBA.
Strengths: Passing, size, versatility     Weaknesses: Shooting, strength, athleticism

12 - Gary Harris - SG - Michigan St., So. - 6'5, 210
Harris is a physical player at both ends of the floor.  His size and strength should allow him to be a good defender in the NBA.  Offensive game is diverse, but he needs to show more consistency shooting the ball.
Strengths: Defense, physicality, versatility     Weaknesses: Streaky shooting, ball-handling

13 - Zach LaVine - G - UCLA, Fr. - 6'5, 180
LaVine probably would have done himself a lot of good with another year in school.  Has a high ceiling, but needs to get stronger and become a more complete offensive player.  
Strengths: Athleticism, length, transition game     Weaknesses: Thin, raw, decision-making

14 - Jusuf Nurkic - C - Bosnia, 1995 - 6'11, 280
Nurkic is a massive human being, and is still developing as a basketball player.  He's only been playing since 2009.  Post game is strong, and he'll likely be a strong rebounder in the NBA.  Not a very good athlete.
Strengths: Size, post game, rebounding     Weaknesses: Athleticism, raw

15 - Doug McDermott - SF - Creighton, Sr. - 6'8, 225
McDermott is a pure scorer at the college level, who might struggle to bring his game inside the arc with him to the NBA.  He's not a good athlete, which could hold him back.  Won't be a good defender.
Strengths: Shooting, scoring     Weaknesses: Defense, athleticism

16 - Kyle Anderson - SF - UCLA, So. - 6'9, 230
Anderson's game took a big step forward this season with an expanded role at UCLA.  He's a great passer for a wing, and showed that he can shoot the three.  Not a great athlete or strong, which will hold him back at both ends of the floor.
Strengths: Passing, PNR play, length     Weaknesses: Strength, athleticism, defense

17 - Tyler Ennis - PG - Syracuse, Fr. - 6'2, 180
Ennis is a pass-first PG who excels at not turning the ball over.  Is an average outside shooter, but should get better over time.  Needs to add some strength to get better on defense.
Strengths: Passing, length, playmaking     Weaknesses: Athleticism, strength, scoring

18 - Rodney Hood - SF - Duke, So. - 6'8, 215
Hood is a very good shooter, and an adequate scorer inside the arc.  Doesn't bring much else to the table, which will likely keep him out of the lottery.  Projects to struggle on defense; needs to get stronger.
Strengths: Shooting, scoring     Weaknesses: Playmaking, rebounding, defense

19 - Elfrid Payton - PG - UL-Lafayette, Jr. - 6'4, 180
Payton might be the best defensive player in the whole draft not named Joel Embiid.  Combines great athleticism with a 6'7 wingspan to wreak havoc on ball-handlers.  Offensive game is predicated on scoring inside the arc.
Strengths: Defense, length, athleticism     Weaknesses: Shooting, turnovers

20 - T.J. Warren - SF - No. Carolina St., So. - 6'8, 230
Warren was one of the more productive players in college basketball this past season, but there are some concerns about how his game will translate.  He isn't a great ball-handler or shooter and may be too small to play PF.
Strengths: Scoring, rebounding     Weaknesses: Defense, outside shooting, position?

21 - Clint Capela - PF - Switzerland, 1994 - 6'11, 220
Capela is a raw prospect who's probably a year or two off from contributing due to his thin build and raw offensive skills.  Has huge upside on the defensive end thanks to shot blocking and 7'5 wingspan.
Strengths: Length, athleticism, shot-blocking     Weaknesses: Raw, thin

22 - Jerami Grant - SF - Syracuse, So. - 6'8, 220
Grant is still a work in progress on the offensive end, but will be a first round pick for his length and defense.  Will need to adjust to playing on the perimeter in the NBA.  Has an unreliable jump shot.
Strengths: Length, defense, athleticism     Weaknesses: Shooting, ball-handling

23 - P.J. Hairston - SG - D-League, 1992 - 6'5, 225
Hairston is a strong scorer, using his big body to overpower smaller guards.  Converted over 55% of his two-point attempts in his time in the D-League.  There will be concerns over his character after he was kicked out of UNC.
Strengths: Scoring, length, strength     Weaknesses: Effort/mentality, turnovers

24 - K.J. McDaniels - SF - Clemson, Jr. - 6'6, 200
McDaniels is a superb athlete who does most of his damage at the rim on offense.  Long arms (6'9 wingspan) and strength allow him to thrive on defense.  Very good shot-blocker for a wing.
Strengths: Athleticism, transition offense, length     Weaknesses: Shooting, ball-handling

25 - Adreian Payne - F/C - Michigan St., Sr. - 6'10, 240
Payne will bring value for being a stretch four, or even a stretch five.  Shot 42.3% from deep as a senior this past season.  Adequate rebounder and defender.
Strengths: Versatile offensive game, rebounding     Weaknesses: Body, foot injury
26 - Nikola Jokic - C - Serbia, 1995 - 6'11, 250
Jokic is relatively unknown, but made a name for himself at the 2014 Nike Hoop Summit.  He's a great interior passer, has range out to 20+ feet and is good off the dribble after facing up.  Body and athletic ability could both stand to improve.
Strengths: Shooting range, passing, face-up game     Weaknesses: Athleticism, body

27 - Glenn Robinson III - SF - Michigan, So. - 6'7, 220
Robinson has yet to show what his ceiling can be to this point in his career.  Blessed with great athleticism and an NBA-ready body, he isn't a strong shooter or ball-handler.  If he can fine-tune the technical parts of his game, he can be an NBA starter.
Strengths: Athleticism, body     Weaknesses: Ball-handling, shooting, raw

28 - Cleanthony Early - SF - Wichita St., Sr. - 6'8, 225
Early has a very efficient, well-rounded offensive game.  If he were a year or two younger he would probably be a lottery pick.  Might not have the footspeed to defend NBA SFs.
Strengths: Shooting, scoring, length     Weaknesses: Quickness, ball-handling

29 - Shabazz Napier - PG - UConn, Sr. - 6'1, 185
Napier's run that culminated in a national championship will likely propel him into the first round.  Very good scorer, better beyond the arc than inside it.  
Strengths: Shooting, quickness, rebounding (for a PG)     Weaknesses: Position?, finishing at the rim

30 - Kristaps Porzingis - F/C - Latvia, 1995 - 7'0, 220
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Porzingis is extremely thin and is a good candidate for the "draft-and-stash" strategy.  When he does come to the NBA, he'll be a stretch four/five.  Has a versatile offensive game.
Strengths: Shooting, face-up game     Weaknesses: Body, strength

31 - Mitch McGary - F/C - Michigan, So. - 6'10, 250
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A   6CD Scouting Report
McGary brings good rebounding and skills to the table for a big man.  Isn't an elite physical prospect, but has good size.
Strengths: Rebounding, face-up skills     Weaknesses: Athleticism

32 - Jordan Adams - SG - UCLA, So. - 6'5, 220
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Adams uses his strength to get to the basket and the free throw line.  Has a physically ready body that could make him a solid contributor right away in the NBA.
Strengths: Strength, length, scoring     Weaknesses: Ball-handling, streaky perimeter shot, athleticism

33 - Jabari Brown - SG - Missouri, Jr. - 6'4, 205
Brown is a pure scorer, shooting 41% behind the arc and over 50% inside the arc.  Has a 6'8 wingspan and good strength.
Strengths: Scoring, length, body     Weaknesses: Defense, height

34 - DeAndre Daniels - SF - UConn, Jr. - 6'8, 195
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 37th
Daniels benefitted similar to Napier from UConn's title run.  He's very thin and probably can't see big minutes right away at the NBA level.  Good shooter and clearly has a high ceiling for a guy who'll go between the late first round and middle of the 2nd.
Strengths: Length, shooting, finishing at rim     Weaknesses: Shot selection, strength

35 - Semaj Christon - PG - Xavier, So. - 6'3, 185
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 36th
Christon is another guy I think would benefit from another year of exposure in college.  Has a good body and 6'6 wingspan.  Improved outside shooting as a sophomore after poor showing as a freshman.
Strengths: Athleticism, body, ball-handling     Weaknesses: Shot?, decision-making

36 - Johnny O'Bryant - F/C - LSU, Jr. - 6'9, 260
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 32nd   6CD Scouting Report
O'Bryant has a big body and some good face-up skills.  7'1 wingspan is an asset he needs to use more on both ends of the floor.
Strengths: Body, length, offensive skills     Weaknesses: Shot selection

37 - Jordan Clarkson - G - Missouri, Jr. - 6'4, 185
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 33rd
Clarkson is a solid athlete with long arms.  He isn't much of a jump shooter, checking in at 28.1% from three as a junior.  Good enough passer and ball-handler that he may be a combo guard.
Strengths: Athleticism, decision-making     Weaknesses: Shooting, finishing

38 - Jahii Carson - PG - Arizona St., So. - 5'11, 180
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 40th
Carson is a good athlete, which should somewhat mask his size deficiency.  Has great quickness and ball-handling ability.
Strengths: Athleticism, quickness, ball-handling   Weaknesses: Size, shooting

39 - Damien Inglis - SF - France, 1995 - 6'9, 225
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Inglis is still raw in terms of perimeter skills, but I think (assuming he stays in this year's draft) he could work his way into the first round with good pre-draft showings.  Consistency of outside shooting is biggest concern.
Strengths: Body, length, athleticism     Weaknesses: Shooting, ball-handling

40 - Bogdan Bogdanovic - SG - Serbia, 1992 - 6'6, 205
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 30th
Bogdanovic is a long SG with good ball skills and solid perimeter shooting.  Will likely need to bulk up before he can play consistent minutes in the NBA.

41 - Deonte Burton - PG - Nevada, Sr. - 6'1, 185
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 44th
Burton has first round level physical tools, with a 6'6 wingspan and impressive vertical leaping ability.  Not an exceptional passing PG and outside shooting leaves a lot to be desired.
Strengths: Athleticism, finishing at rim     Weaknesses: Shooting, PG skills

42 - Vasilije Micic - PG - Serbia, 1994 - 6'4, 190
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 42nd
Micic is a big, European PG in the pass-first mold.  He doesn't have much of a three-point shot, which will likely remain an issue with the longer NBA line.
Strengths: Passing, size, experience     Weaknesses: Shooting, athleticism

43 - C.J. Wilcox - SG - Washington, Sr. - 6'6, 185
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 34th
Wilcox doesn't do much other than score, but he does that well.  Shot 39.1% from three on over 7 attempts per game as a senior.  Finished 52.2% of his two-point attempts.
Strengths: Shooting, off-ball movement     Weaknesses: Ball-handling, age (23)

44 - Thanasis Antetokounmpo - SF - D-League, 1992 - 6'7, 210
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 35th
The older brother of Bucks' G/F Giannis Antetokounmpo is a similar physical specimen with good size on the wing and good length.  Needs to improve his outside shooting.
Strengths: Athleticism, length, defense     Weaknesses: Shooting, ball-handling

45 - Nick Johnson - G - Arizona, Jr. - 6'3, 200
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 39th
Johnson had somewhat of a breakout year at Arizona this year and is choosing to take advantage of it.  Thing holding him back is that he's too small for SG, not enough of a playmaker to be a PG.
Strengths: Athleticism, scoring     Weaknesses: Size, playmaking, position?

46 - Walter Tavares - C - Cape Verde, 1992 - 7'2, 265
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 41st
Tavares is a big body who projects to have a bigger impact on defense than on offense.  Is reported to have a wingspan of 7'8 or 7'9.
Strengths: Size, length, shot-blocking     Weaknesses: Post skills, strength

47 - Spencer Dinwiddie - G - Colorado, Jr. - 6'6, 200
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Dinwiddie missed about half of his junior season after tearing his ACL in January.  He has legitimate SG size, but can play PG due to solid ball-handling and passing.  He also has good defensive upside due to size, quickness and length.
Strengths: Length, size, versatility     Weaknesses: Injury concern

48 - Cory Jefferson - PF - Baylor, Sr. - 6'9, 230
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 43rd
Jefferson is a face-up PF with range out to 20+ feet.  He's a little on the thin side, but should be able to bulk up enough to play PF in the NBA.
Strengths: Shooting, athleticism, length     Weaknesses: Strength, post scoring/footwork

49 - Jarnell Stokes - PF - Tennessee, Sr. - 6'9, 260
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 45th
Stokes has great size and length to go with good tenacity on the block and on the glass.  Not an explosive athlete, but should make up for that with his body and hustle.
Strengths: Size, length, rebounding     Weaknesses: Athleticism, range

50 - Patric Young - F/C - Florida, Sr. - 6'9, 245
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 47th
Young is an intense competitor who was seen as a potential lottery pick after his sophomore year.  A mountain of muscle with a 7'1 wingspan, should be a good rebounder and defender.
Strengths: Body, length, defense     Weaknesses: Scoring, footwork

51 - Isaiah Austin - F/C - Baylor, So. - 7'1, 225
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Austin was the #2 overall prospect in the Class of 2012, but hasn't played up to that level of hype just yet.  Needs to keep adding weight to be able to hold his own on both ends.  Offensive game is more perimeter than post.  Very good shot blocker.
Strengths: Shooting, shot-blocking, length     Weaknesses: Strength, rebounding


52 - Dwight Powell - PF - Stanford, Sr. - 6'10, 245
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 52nd
Powell is a skilled big, who stood out for his passing skills in Stanford's triangle offense this season.  Averaged over three assists per game as a senior.
Strengths: Passing, size      Weaknesses: Defense, post scoring

53 - LaQuinton Ross - SF - Ohio St., Jr. - 6'8, 220
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 51st
Ross is a scorer, first and foremost.  Possesses good length and size for the SF position, but may lack the quickness.  Average outside shooter.
Strengths: Length, size     Weaknesses: Quickness, streaky shooting

54 - Rasmus Larsen - PF - Denmark, 1994 - 6'11, 215
Draft Express Profile   Bio N/A   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Rangy big man with a lot of filling out left to do.  Should play another year or two in Europe before coming stateside.
Strengths: Size, quickness, range     Weaknesses: Thin, defensive rebounding

55 - Russ Smith - G - Louisville, Sr. - 6'1, 165
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 50th
Smith is a dynamic scorer, but could struggle due to a lack of size and questions about what position he'll play.  Quickness will be his biggest asset.
Strengths: Scoring, quickness, shooting     Weaknesses: Size, shot selection

57 - Artem Klimenko - C - Russia, 1994 - 7'1, 230
Draft Express Profile   Bio N/A   Mock Draft Position: 55th
Klimenko is another rangy European big with really long arms.  7'4 wingspan will help him on both ends of the floor if he can fill out.  Still developing his offensive skills, but looks to have a mid-range game.
Strengths: Size, length     Weaknesses: Thin, raw

56 - James McAdoo - PF - North Carolina, Jr. - 6'9, 230
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 49th
McAdoo has been a bit of a letdown since his promising freshman year.  He doesn't bring much on the offensive end, as much as he tries, but has the body to be a contributor on defense.  Is very toned, but might need to add bulk to guard bigger PFs.
Strengths: Body, length, athleticism     Weaknesses: Offensive efficiency

58 - Alessandro Gentile - SG - Italy, 1992 - 6'6, 200
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 57th
Most of the questions about Gentile are in regards to his athleticism.  Has good size for the SG position and is an okay offensive player.
Strengths: Size, offensive versatility     Weaknesses: Athleticism, defense

59 - Fuquan Edwin - SG - Seton Hall, Sr. - 6'6, 210
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 46th
Edwin is a solid scorer and an above average defender thanks to good size, a 6'9 wingspan and good athleticism.  If he can hit outside shots, he'll be a contributor at the NBA level.
Strengths: Athleticism, length, defense     Weaknesses: Streaky shooting, ball-handling

60 - Jordan McRae - SG - Tennessee, Sr. - 6'6, 180
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 53rd
McRae is a thin, athletic scorer with a 7'0 wingspan.  He's an average outside shooter and will need to get stronger before he can guard anybody in the NBA.
Strengths: Scoring, length    Weaknesses: Thin

61 - Khem Birch - PF - UNLV, Jr. - 6'9, 220
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Birch was an excellent rebounder at UNLV this year thanks to his great athleticism and 7'2 wingspan.  Offensive game is still developing, but he may never do more than score on put-backs and in transition.
Strengths: Athleticism, length, rebounding     Weaknesses: Scoring, thin

62 - Cameron Clark - SF - Oklahoma, Sr. - 6'7, 210
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 54th
Clark is an outstanding shooter, connecting on 43.5% of his three-point attempts this season and just under 40% in his OU career.  Suspect ball-handling holds him back as an all-around scorer.
Strengths: Shooting, athleticism     Weaknesses: Ball-handling

63 - Roy Devyn Marble - SG - Iowa, Sr. - 6'6, 200
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 58th
Marble is a well-rounded scorer and play-maker.  Ability to defend and add strength to his frame will probably determine his NBA career.
Strengths: Scoring, play-making     Weaknesses: Defense, streaky shooting

64 - Lamar Patterson - SG - Pittsburgh, Sr. - 6'5, 220
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Patterson is a reliable, if inconsistent, outside shooter.  On defense he uses his length and strength to be a force.  Will need to demonstrate he can hit consistently from NBA range.
Strengths: Body, defense, length     Weaknesses: Quickness, finishing at the rim

65 - Jordan Bachynski - C - Arizona St., Sr. - 7'2, 255
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 56th
Bachynski's size and shot-blocking are his best assets.  Is a capable scorer on the block thanks to decent footwork.  Not a great athlete.  Older than most NCAA seniors thanks to a Mormon mission.
Strengths: Size, shot-blocking    Weaknesses: Athleticism, age (24)

66 - Markel Brown - SG - Oklahoma St., Sr. - 6'3, 195
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Brown was OSU's go-to scorer when things weren't running through Marcus Smart.  A well-rounded scorer with a 6'8 wingspan.
Strengths: Length, scoring, athleticism     Weaknesses: Ball-handling, passing

67 - Ondrej Balvin - C - Czech Republic, 1992 - 7'2, 260
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 60th
His size is his best attribute, but he has a respectable post game and is a presence in the paint on defense.  Not a very good athlete.
Strengths: Size     Weaknesses: Athleticism, speed

68 - Ronald Roberts - PF - Saint Joseph's, Sr. - 6'8, 225
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: 59th
Roberts is an NBA-caliber athlete who finished close to 60% of his two-point attempts as a senior at Saint Joe's.  Size is a concern.
Strengths: Body, athleticism, finishing     Weaknesses: Offensive versatility, defensive rebounding

69 - C.J. Fair - SF - Syracuse, Sr. - 6'8, 205
Draft Express Profile   Bio  Mock Draft Position: N/A
Fair is an explosive, long athlete who lacks a perimeter game.  Played mostly zone in college, but could have potential on the defensive end due to length and athleticism.
Strengths: Athleticism, length     Weaknesses: Shooting, ball-handling

70 - Alec Brown - F/C - UW-Green Bay, Sr. - 7'1, 235
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Brown is a legitimate 7-footer with range out to the NBA three-point line.  Shot 44.6% from three as a senior.
Strengths: Shooting, scoring, size     Weaknesses: Strength, defense

71 - Juvonte Reddic - F/C - Va. Commonwealth, Sr. - 6'9, 255
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Reddic took a step back on offense as a senior, but is still a solid prospect thanks to good size and athleticism.
Strengths: Size, athleticism, rebounding     Weaknesses: Scoring, raw

72 - Alex Kirk - C - New Mexico, Jr. - 7'0, 245
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Some believe Kirk made a poor decision entering this year.  Has legitimate size and can operate well in the mid-range.  Not an elite athlete or overly strong.
Strengths: Offensive versatility, size     Weaknesses: Athleticism, strength, defense

73 - Tomas Dimsa - SG - Lithuania, 1994 - 6'5, 185
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Dimsa is a strong outside shooter, a good athlete and is known as a smart offensive player.  Not a great ball-handler or scorer inside the arc in the half-court.
Strengths: Shooting, athleticism     Weaknesses: Ball-handling, strength

74 - Sean Kilpatrick - SG - Cincinnati, Sr. - 6'4, 210
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Kilpatrick is a high-volume jump shooter, shooting 35% on threes on almost 8 attempts per game this past season.  Needs to improve on defense.
Strengths: Scoring, shooting   Weaknesses: Defense, size

75 - Josh Huestis - SF - Stanford, Sr. - 6'8, 230
Draft Express Profile   Bio   Mock Draft Position: N/A
Huestis gained the attention of scouts at the Portsmouth Invitational, an event for NCAA seniors.  Defense is his calling card.
Strengths: Size, defense     Weaknesses: Scoring, shooting


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