Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Draft Lottery Tonight: Pistons Sending Nosferatu for Good Luck

Get lost in his eyes, go ahead
As you may well know, the NBA Draft Lottery takes place tonight at 8pm EST on ESPN.  The Pistons will be sending sharpshooting G/F/Vampire Nosferatu as their representative for good luck.  Odds are that the Pistons will be staying put at #8, but here are the probabilities for all possible scenarios:

1st2nd3rd8thLose Pick

The Pistons lose their pick to the Charlotte Hornets if it isn't in the top-8, so tonight is kind of a big deal.  The Pistons desperately need assets going into the Stan Van Gundy regime, and I think it's fair to say that giving the pick to Charlotte next year is preferable.  The team should improve on this year's finish with a more developed Drummond, a brand new coach and more shooting.  Curse the lottery balls if Detroit loses the pick tonight, because I think that would hurt the franchise in both the short run and the long run more than losing the pick next year.  Thanks for bringing us here Joe!  Here's to hoping that Nosferatu takes a bite out of the lottery tonight!  

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