Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Season Review: Josh Smith

There's no point in eviscerating Josh Smith beyond what was hashed out all season long for Pistons fans.  Everybody knows his shot chart would look like a bloodbath.  Everybody knows that his shooting percentages and PER would be uglier than can be.  Everybody knows that for what he brought on defense, he canceled it out times two on the other end of the floor.  He was a cancer in the locker room, quick to blame his teammates for the team's struggles.  Josh Smith sucked last season, and it's time to just move on from that.  So as a way of compensating you for any time wasted watching Josh Smith play basketball last season, in lieu of his stats and shot chart, I present:

2014-15 Status: Under contract for $13,500,000 (via

Josh Smith will not be starting at SF next season, that much can be safely assumed.  Stan Van Gundy's basketball IQ is just too high to do something that stupid.  Smith will either be the starting PF, assuming Monroe lands elsewhere due to his free agency, or Smith will be coming off the bench as the 6th man.  If SVG can convince Smith to swallow his pride and play hard off the bench, it could be greatly beneficial to the Pistons.  For everything he lacks on offense, Smith brings things on defense that both Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond do not.  Smith's energy and shot blocking on defense made him one of the league's best defenders in his time in Atlanta.  In Detroit last year, he looked lost trying to defend SFs and often lost his man for open threes.  Playing PF is every bit as important for him on defense as it is on offense.  I'm assuming that Smith will be in a Pistons uniform next season, because his trade value is about as low as it can get right now.  No complaints if he is moved, however.


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