Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pistons and Kings Discussing Smith Deal Again

Rumors popped up again overnight that the Pistons and Kings have revived their trade talks centered around Josh Smith.  The Kings have a glut of PFs, but none that they feel comfortable starting or playing next to DeMarcus Cousins for long stretches.  Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News has reported that head coach Michael Malone's desire for a defensive presence at the spot is fueling trade talks.  In the same breath, Goodwill also mentions that the Kings' front office is less receptive to dealing for Smith.  The same pieces as reported earlier this off-season are being discussed, with the added detail of the potential for adding a 3rd team to the trade talks.  If you missed out on this rumor the first time around, the Pistons are said to potentially receive some combination of Jason Thompson, Jason Terry or Derrick Williams in return.  While none of those players would necessarily revive the organization, many Pistons fans see value in unloading the remaining years and dollars left on Smith's contract.  Goodwill has also reported that, while Van Gundy is open to moving Smith, he won't be doing so without receiving value in return.  This time of year is a breeding ground for rumors that don't materialize, so a deal is far from imminent.  However, it gives us something to think about while we wait for Greg Monroe to make a move.  Stay tuned for more updates as they come available.

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