Friday, September 5, 2014

Greg Monroe Officially Signs Qualifying Offer

As first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports on Friday, Greg Monroe has officially signed the Qualifying Offer from the Pistons.  According to Eric Pincus of the LA Times, he really signed it on Wednesday, there was just a delay in the news leaking.  He'll  make $5.5 million dollars this season and for that reason you really shouldn't feel bad for him.  The other reason you shouldn't feel bad for him (and for some reason, people do) is that he just really doesn't want to be in Detroit.  He hasn't said as much, but that's the direction that all the signs point in.  If he wanted to be here, a deal would have been finalized by now.  While Monroe is a solid, mostly reliable offensive player, his impending loss is not one that will somehow derail any rebuilding effort.  It would be nice to have him, it would not be nice to pay him $60M+ over the next four years.  If he can find that somewhere else, I'll tip my hat to him.  If you want my opinion on how things will play out from here, you can click on this LINK, opinion starts around the beginning of the third paragraph.

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