Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2010 Re-Draft

1 - Washington Wizards - John Wall (Wall)
Wall has been an impact player since his rookie season, and at only 20 years old, he's likely still developing.  His outside shot still needs consistency, but he's a good defensive guard and is one of the better passers in the league.

2 - Philadelphia 76ers - DeMarcus Cousins (Evan Turner)
At the time of the draft, most people recognized that Cousins was the second-best talent in the class.  Supposed "personal issues" caused Boogie to slip; five years into his career, Cousins' only issues have been with the weak coaches the Kings put on the bench.  When they finally found one that worked, they fired him.  The 76ers really could have used the big man, as they didn't have a mainstay at C going into this offseason.  

3 - New Jersey Nets - Paul George (Derrick Favors)
Favors didn't make it through his rookie season with the Nets before being shipped out in the Deron Williams deal.  That hasn't worked out so well.  George only sits behind Wall and Cousins in this draft class because he wasn't an impact player until his third year in the league.

4 - Minnesota Timberwolves - Gordon Hayward (Wesley Johnson)
The best way to characterize the Wes Johnson pick is "Oops".  Hayward is one of the most underrated players in the league.  When his outside shot is falling, he's a tough guard on the perimeter.  His playmaking is an added bonus.

5 - Sacramento Kings - Derrick Favors (DeMarcus Cousins)
The Kings got lucky that Cousins fell to them thanks to the trumped up off-court issues.  Favors isn't a bad consolation prize though.  It's taken him a few years to put it all together, but at only 23 years old, Favors could be a 20-10 guy by the time he reaches his prime.

6 - Golden State Warriors - Greg Monroe (Ekpe Udoh)
The Warriors got the wrong big man with their original pick.  Although there's not much exciting about his game, Monroe is a steady offensive contributor.  Defensive limitations suggest that he should only play C.

7 - Detroit Pistons - Eric Bledsoe (Greg Monroe)
The Pistons really could have used a big man in this draft, but there's none worth taking at this spot.  They get Bledsoe instead, who would have provided much-needed stability in the backcourt.  

8 - Los Angeles Clippers - Greivis Vasquez (Al-Farouq Aminu)
The Clippers went on to trade for Chris Paul, but at this point, the only quality starters they had on the roster were Chris Kaman, Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon.  Vasquez would have been a good upgrade at PG, not knowing that Paul was going to be acquired.

9 - Utah Jazz (via NYK) - Evan Turner (Gordon Hayward)
Turner is horribly inefficient and turnover-prone, but this draft class was very shallow.  His versatility is an asset that puts him above some of the other guys you might put here.  

10 - Indiana Pacers - Ed Davis (Paul George)
The Pacers were only set at C and SF going into this draft, giving them some flexibility to take the best player available.  Davis is from a stud, but he does enough to be a plausible starter, or in a more fitting scenario, a valuable bench player.

11 - New Orleans Hornets - Avery Bradley (Cole Aldrich)
With Chris Paul's impending departure and not much depth in the backcourt, Bradley steps right in as the third guard on the roster.  He's not a world-beater, but he's a good defender and is improving on the offensive end.

12 - Memphis Grizzlies - Lance Stephenson (Xavier Henry)
Stephenson has been a disaster in Charlotte, as the fit just hasn't been there.  However, it's hard to overlook the impact he made on the Pacers in the two season prior to this one.  Plus, Stephenson apprenticing under Tony Allen could have had horrific, fun results.

13 - Toronto Raptors - Patrick Patterson (Ed Davis)
The Raptors ended up with Patterson after acquiring him in the Rudy Gay trade.  He fits their current offensive system, and has been a fairly productive pro.

14 - Houston Rockets - Hassan Whiteside (Patrick Patterson)
Whiteside has come out of nowhere this year, and his past limitations are why he's not slotted in right behind Bledsoe, which is where he would belong if he had a better track record.

15 - Milwaukee Bucks - Al-Farouq Aminu (Larry Sanders)
On the court, the Sanders pick wasn't a bad one.  His rim protection was a valuable asset before his off-court issues derailed his career.  Aminu has been steady and is a well-rounded rotational piece.

16 - Minnesota Timberwolves (via CHA) - Quincy Pondexter (Luke Babbitt)
Pondexter has found a steady role with the Pelicans this season, solidifying the SF position on a team that had tried a multitude of solutions.  Coincidentally, Babbitt was one of them.

17 - Chicago Bulls (via MIL) - Trevor Booker (Kevin Seraphin)
Booker broke out as a reserve with the Jazz in 2014-15, including a 36-point showing against the Blazers in the final week.

18 - Oklahoma City Thunder (via MIA) - Larry Sanders (Eric Bledsoe)
Sanders has more than enough talent to be a valuable player in the NBA, and this is a shallow draft class.  Hopefully he straightens out whatever is troubling him off the court and re-dedicates himself to the game.

19 - Boston Celtics - Jeremy Lin (Avery Bradley)
Lin went undrafted in 2010, and had to break in through the D-League in a story I'm sure you already know.

20 - San Antonio Spurs - Wesley Johnson (James Anderson)
Johnson got drafted into a bad situation with the Wolves, but hasn't really done much since leaving Minnesota.  He's a decent depth guy.

21 - Oklahoma City Thunder - Jordan Crawford (Craig Brackins)
Crawford had a good run with the Celtics last season, but has found himself playing overseas.  With his talent, he may pop back up at some point.

22 - Portland TrailBlazers - Donald Sloan (Elliott Williams)
Sloan has turned into a serviceable backup with the Pacers.  He went undrafted in 2010.

23 - Minnesota Timberwolves (via UTA) - Kevin Seraphin (Trevor Booker)
Seraphin is a big body who fills his role well.

24 - Atlanta Hawks - Landry Fields (Damion James)
Fields had a couple solid seasons with the Knicks before being buried on the bench with the Raptors.  He's a passable outside jumper short of being a decent rotational piece.

25 - Memphis Grizzlies (via DEN) - Luke Babbitt (Dominique Jones)
Babbitt is a one-dimensional player, but in today's NBA, outside shooting is valuable asset and Babbitt does that well.

26 - Oklahoma City Thunder (via PHX) - Xavier Henry (Quincy Pondexter)
Henry was a touted recruit coming out of high school, as well as a lottery pick.  He hasn't exactly lived up to the hype.

27 - New Jersey Nets (via DAL) - Ekpe Udoh (Jordan Crawford)
Udoh was a lottery pick after one really good year at Baylor.  He has failed to be any kind of impact player at the NBA level.

28 - Memphis Grizzlies (via LAL) - Cole Aldrich (Greivis Vasquez)
Aldrich played well for the Knicks this season, whatever that really means.

29 - Orlando Magic - Jerome Jordan (Daniel Orton)
Jordan had a good season as a reserve for the Nets this season.  His size and length play well at the rim and on the glass.

30 - Washington Wizards (via CLE) - James Anderson (Lazar Hayward)
Anderson is a rare case of the Spurs missing on a first round pick.

31 - New Jersey Nets - Jeremy Evans (Tibor Pleiss)

32 - Miami Heat (via MIN) - Miroslav Raduljica (Dexter Pittman)

33 - Sacramento Kings - Alexey Shved (Hassan Whiteside)

34 - Portland TrailBlazers (via GSW) - Elliott Williams (Armon Johnson)

35 - Washington Wizards - Ish Smith (Nemanja Bjelica)

36 - Detroit Pistons - Manny Harris (Terrico White)

37 - Milwaukee Bucks (via PHI) - Samardo Samuels (Darrington Hobson)

38 - New York Knicks - Nemanja Bjelica (Andy Rautins)

39 - New York Knicks (via LAC) - Daniel Orton (Landry Fields)

40 - Indiana Pacers - Ben Uzoh (Lance Stephenson)

41 - Miami Heat (via NOH) - Lazar Hayward (Jarvis Varnado)

42 - Miami Heat (via TOR) - Luke Harangody (Da'Sean Butler)

43 - Los Angeles Lakers (via MEM) - Dexter Pittman (Devin Ebanks)

44 - Milwaukee Bucks (via CHI) - Devin Ebanks (Jerome Jordan)

45 - Minnesota Timberwolves (via HOU) - Jarvis Varnado (Paulao Prestes)

46 - Phoenix Suns (via CHA) - Damion James (Gani Lawal)

47 - Milwaukee Bucks - Dominique Jones (Tiny Gallon)

48 - Miami Heat - Luigi Datome (Latavious Williams)

49 - San Antonio Spurs - Gani Lawal (Ryan Richards)

50 - Dallas Mavericks (via OKC) - Arinze Onuaku (Gani Lawal)

51 - Oklahoma City Thunder (via POR) - Armon Johnson (Magnum Rolle)

52 - Boston Celtics - Elijah Millsap (Luke Harangody)

53 - Atlanta Hawks - Courtney Fortson (Pape Sy)

54 - Los Angeles Clippers (via DEN) - Craig Brackins (Willie Warren)

55 - Utah Jazz - Willie Warren (Jeremy Evans)

56 - Minnesota Timberwolves (via PHX) - Derrick Caracter (Hamady N'Diaye)

57 - Indiana Pacers (via DAL) - Solomon Alabi (Ryan Reid)

58 - Los Angeles Lakers - Patrick Christopher (Derrick Caracter)

59 - Orlando Magic - Hamady N'Diaye (Stanley Robinson)

60 - Phoenix Suns (via CLE) - Sherron Collins (Dwyane Collins)

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