Friday, April 10, 2015

2012 Re-Draft

1 - New Orleans Hornets - Anthony Davis (Actual pick: Davis)
No need to re-do this pick.  Davis is well on his way to being a future MVP and should make countless All-Star teams.  It won't be long before he's unquestionably the best player in the league.

2 - Charlotte Bobcats - Damian Lillard (Michael Kidd-Gilchrist)
The Bobcats had Kemba Walker already, but knowing what Lillard is, he's too good for Charlotte to pass up.  Kidd-Gilchrist is starting to come around, but this was a deep draft with star players.

3 - Washington Wizards - Andre Drummond (Bradley Beal)
They had JaVale McGee and Nene already on the roster, but a John Wall-Andre Drummond pick-and-roll would be devastating.  Beal wasn't a bad pick, but Drummond is still developing.  If the offensive game he started to find towards the end of the season is for real, there's no way Beal has a better career.

4 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Bradley Beal (Dion Waiters)
The Waiters pick set the Cavaliers back far enough that they could get Andrew Wiggins and deal him for Kevin Love, making a return more enticing for LeBron James.  That's the only way to put a positive spin on Dion Waiters' time in Cleveland.  I'm sure the Cavs would have loved to pair Beal with Kyrie Irving in what would be one of the league's most dynamic scoring backcourts.  Beal hasn't quite reached his potential yet, but he's only 21.

5 - Sacramento Kings - Harrison Barnes (Thomas Robinson)
You can't fault the Kings for taking a PF in the 2012 draft, but they also had a black hole at the SF position.  Getting a player like Harrison Barnes to play alongside of DeMarcus Cousins for a decade would have sent the franchise in a whole different direction.  Barnes gets a leg up on Draymond Green for being two years younger.

6 - Portland TrailBlazers (via BKN) - Draymond Green (Damian Lillard)
Green leaps all the way up from the 35th pick to the middle of the lottery on the back of a very strong 2014-15 campaign.  The Blazers already had Nic Batum in the fold at this point, but LaMarcus Aldridge being able to move to C gives a team with Batum, Green and LMA all kinds of tantalizing lineup flexibility.

7 - Golden State Warriors - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Harrison Barnes)
Before this year, I'm not sure MKG would have even been in the lottery of a 2012 re-draft.  Now that he's shown at least some amount of offensive promise to go with his great defense and rebounding at the SF position, he warrants a higher slot due to his upside.  Plus, this is where the crop starts to thin out a bit.

8 - Toronto Raptors - Khris Middleton (Terrence Ross)
Middleton gives the Raptors what they wanted and got in Ross, outside shooting, but with better efficiency and more versatility.  With Middleton, the Raptors could play DeMar DeRozan at SG, but also have the option of playing small-ball with Middleton at PF.  In today's NBA, every team needs a guy like Middleton who can stretch the opposing defense from multiple positions.

9 - Detroit Pistons - Jared Sullinger (Andre Drummond)
A Sullinger-Monroe frontcourt would be a disaster defensively, but would probably fit nicely on the offensive end, despite a huge lack of athleticism.  Other options here include Terrence Jones, John Henson, Jae Crowder and Terrence Ross.

10 - New Orleans Hornets - Tyler Zeller (Austin Rivers)
The Rivers pick didn't exactly work out like New Orleans had hoped, as he was absolutely dreadful before being shipped out to Boston in a three team deal.  Zeller isn't really an exciting guy to put next to Anthony Davis, but he would've given the organization some flexibility and either a decent starter or a reliable backup.

11 - Portland TrailBlazers - Terrence Ross (Meyers Leonard)
The Leonard pick wasn't a terrible one, as he's started to show some signs of life in 2014-15.  Still, they could have done better with their second lottery pick.  Ross is a capable outside shooter who would fit in nicely on the Blazers bench this year, and possibly offer a starter at some point in the future.

12 - Houston Rockets (via MIL) - Terrence Jones (Jeremy Lamb)
Jones actually went to Houston with the 18th pick.  He's had a solid career to this point when he's been able to stay healthy.  However, that's been a major issue so far.  Jones has only played 124 of a possible 242 games in his three seasons in the NBA.  When he is on the floor, he's a sufficient rebounder and an efficient scorer as a role player.

13 - Phoenix Suns - Jae Crowder (Kendall Marshall)
 The Suns were looking for an eventual Steve Nash replacement in the 2012 draft.  The problem with that is, the PG crop in this draft class was horrendous outside of Damian Lillard.  The Suns roster didn't have many long-term solutions at any position at the time, so they get the best player available.  Crowder initially went 34th overall.

14 - Milwaukee Bucks - John Henson (Henson)
Henson somehow doesn't get the minutes he deserves in the Milwaukee rotation, but he's been a very efficient player nonetheless.  At only 24 years old, there's a good chance he's higher up than this if you do another re-draft three years from now.

15 - Philadelphia 76ers - Jeremy Lamb (Mo Harkless)
Lamb hasn't been great in OKC, but he would probably be a rotation player if given actual minutes.  At only 22 years old, there's still room to grow.

16 - Houston Rockets (via NYK) - Evan Fournier (Royce White)
Royce White certainly had the talent to justify going 16th overall.  However, his fear of flying was too much to overcome and he's already out of the league.  The Waiters pick may have been the only one worse in this draft.  Fournier is still developing and looks like, at worst, a nice piece off the bench.  In a fairly shallow draft, that's not a bad find in the middle of the first round.

17 - Dallas Mavericks -  Miles Plumlee (Tyler Zeller)
The options here aren't overwhelming, and while the Mavs ended up trading Zeller on draft night, giving the Mavs the best C on the board makes sense.  The centers on the roster going into the off-season in 2012 were Brendan Haywood, Brandan Wright and Sean Williams.

18 - Houston Rockets (via UTA) - Meyers Leonard (Terrence Jones)
Leonard's been a bit of a late bloomer, developing a three point shot in his third year in the league.  The 7'1 big man has hit 42 of his 96 three point attempts this year.

19 - Orlando Magic - Mike Scott (Andrew Nicholson)
Scott's been a valuable piece off the Atlanta bench in his three years in the league.  He's more than outplayed being the 43rd selection.

20 - Denver Nuggets - Kyle O'Quinn (Evan Fournier)
O'Quiinn hasn't exactly blown anybody away with his performances, but he's a decent rim protector and has tried to expand his range out to three point territory.  Still hard to say exactly what he'll be.

21 - Boston Celtics (via LAC) - Dion Waiters (Fab Melo)
As disappointing as Waiters has been, he is a scorer, even if he is an inefficient one.  Plus, it's not hard to beat the Fab Melo pick.

22 - Boston Celtics - Mo Harkless (Jared Sullinger)
Harkless has been mysteriously buried on the Magic bench this season after having a solid sophomore season.  There's still some development left, as he's only 21 years old.

23 - Atlanta Hawks - Thomas Robinson (John Jenkins)
Robinson has also been a disappointment, having already played for four different teams in his three NBA seasons.  His best asset is his rebounding, and if he can ever figure out how to score efficiently, he'll carve out a defined role on somebody's bench.

24 - Cleveland Cavaliers (via LAL) - Will Barton (Jared Cunningham)
Barton has been a complete afterthought until his breakout with Denver this season.  He's not a good outside shooter, but he's good in the open court and rebounds well for a SG.

25 - Memphis Grizzlies - Henry Sims (Tony Wroten)
Sims was undrafted in 2012, but has turned into a fairly reliable post presence for the despicable 76ers.

26 - Indiana Pacers - Hollis Thompson (Miles Plumlee)
Thompson was also an undrafted free agent after draft night in 2012.  He's carved out a role with the Sixers thanks to excellent three point shooting.

27 - Miami Heat - Kendall Marshall (Arnett Moultrie)
Marshall has played three seasons for three different teams.  He had become a more efficient scorer in year three before tearing his ACL, being traded and then waived.  Turnovers have been a problem in each year.

28 - Oklahoma City Thunder - Kostas Papanikolau (Perry Jones III)
Papanikolau is in his first season in the NBA after coming over from Europe.  He's a do-it-all kind of player, but hasn't shown any strengths in his game.

29 - Chicago Bulls - Tony Wroten (Marquis Teague)
Wroten was off to a nice start for the Sixers this year in a high usage role before getting injured.

30 - Golden State Warriors (via SAS) - Austin Rivers (Festus Ezeli)
Rivers has been a huge disappointment.  At one point, according to Rivals, he was ranked ahead of Anthony Davis.

31 - Charlotte Bobcats - Festus Ezeli (Jeffrey Taylor)

32 - Washington Wizards - John Jenkins (Tomas Satoransky)

33 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Kent Bazemore (Bernard James)

34 - Cleveland Cavaliers (via NOH) - Justin Hamilton (Jae Crowder)

35 - Golden State (via BKN) - Furkan Aldemir (Draymond Green)

36 - Sacramento Kings - Andrew Nicholson (Orlando Johnson)

37 - Toronto Raptors - Perry Jones III (Quincy Acy)

38 - Denver Nuggets (via GSW) - Jeffrey Taylor (Quincy Miller)

39 - Detroit Pistons - Quincy Miller (Khris Middleton)

40 - Portland TrailBlazers (via MIN) - Robert Sacre (Will Barton)

41 - Portland TrailBlazers - Robbie Hummel (Tyshawn Taylor)

42 - Milwaukee Bucks - Jorge Gutierrez (Doron Lamb)

43 - Atlanta Hawks - Bernard James (Mike Scott)

44 - Detroit Pistons (via HOU) - Chris Johnson (Kim English)

45 - Philadelphia 76ers - Arnett Moultrie (Justin Hamilton)

46 - New Orleans Hornets (via DAL) - Darius Miller (Miller)

47 - Utah Jazz - Doron Lamb (Kevin Murphy)

48 - New York Knicks - Jared Cunningham (Kostas Papanikolau)

49 - Orlando Magic - Casper Ware (Kyle O'Quinn)

50 - Denver Nuggets - JaMychal Green (Izzet Turkyilmaz)

51 - Boston Celtics - Ognjen Kuzmic (Kris Joseph)

52 - Golden State Warriors (via ATL) - Tornike Shengelia (Ognjen Kuzmic)

53 - Los Angeles Clippers - Kevin Murphy (Furkan Aldemir)

54 - Philadelphia 76ers (via MEM) - Toure' Murry (Tornike Shengelia)

55 - Dallas Mavericks (via LAL) - DeQuan Jones (Darius Johnson-Odom)

56 - Toronto Raptors (via IND) - Drew Gordon (Tomislav Zubcic)

57 - Brooklyn Nets (via MIA) - Marquis Teague (Ilkan Karaman)

58 - Minnesota Timberwolves (via OKC) - Kim English (Robbie Hummel)

59 - San Antonio Spurs - Tyshawn Taylor (Marcus Denmon)

60 - Los Angeles Lakers (via CHI) - Kevin Jones (Robert Sacre)

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