Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lottery Results: Pistons to Pick 8th

The balls have all fallen into place tonight and it looks like the Pistons will be picking 8th in the 2015 NBA Draft.  While it's disappointing that the Pistons weren't able to move into the top three for the sixth straight draft, there's no shortage of options available at the 8th pick, many of which fit the Pistons' needs at SF and PF.  My top choices for the pick, assuming one or both players are available, are Stanley Johnson and Mario Hezonja.  Johnson would bring the Pistons a sense of toughness on the wing, with the upside of also being a decent secondary offensive option.  Hezonja would provide the Pistons with an upside they haven't had at the position in years, as his elite athleticism and skill could translate well to the NBA if he also brings his work ethic.  Trading down is also an option that could be looked into, although those types of deals can be hard to predict, and generally don't happen until draft night.  Stay tuned for more information as the offseason progresses, and look below for more helpful information about what's going on this summer, as well as the official draft order, as of tonight:

2015 Off-season Primer: LINK
2015 Draft Scouting: LINK
2015 Mock Draft (will be updated soon to reflect new order): LINK


1. MIN 2. LAL 3. PHI 4. NYK 5. ORL 6. SAC 7. DEN 8. DET 9. CHA 10. MIA 11. IND 12. UTA 13. PHX 14. OKC 15. ATL 16. BOS 17. MIL 18. HOU 19. WAS 20. TOR 21. DAL 22. CHI 23. POR 24. CLE 25. MEM 26. SAS 27. LAL 28. BOS 29. BKN 30. GS 
31. MIN 32. HOU 33. BOS 34. LAL 35. PHI 36. MIN 37. PHI 38. DET 39. CHA 40. MIA 41.BKN 42. UTA 43. IND 44. PHX 45. BOS 46. MIL 47. PHI 48. OKC 49. WAS 50. ATL 51. ORL 52. DAL 53. CLE 54. UTA 55. SAS 56. NOP 57. DEN 58. PHI 59. ATL 60. PHI 

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