Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015-16 Asset Board

This is a very subjective exercise.  If you disagree with a player's ranking or value, explain your reasoning respectfully in the comments.

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1Andre DrummondC6'112802291
Obvious #1 is obvious. 2nd best young big in the game.
2Marcus MorrisF6'92352675
At $5M per season and locked up, one of the best values in the NBA
3Reggie JacksonPG6'32102569
Good starting PG, okay contract. Overall good value
4Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG6'52052265
Still on his rookie contract, and a solid, if unspectacular, starter.
5Stanley JohnsonSF6'72451963
Season not off to an ideal start, still young and cheap
62016 1st Round Pick15-20---60
Should be targeting a PF or depth in the backcourt
7Ersan IlyasovaPF6'102352857
Flexibility in the contract adds extra value for an average guy
8Brandon JenningsG6'11752655
Check back when he's returned to action
9Anthony TolliverPF6'82403048
Decent bench piece when the shots are falling; pending FA
10Jodie MeeksSG6'52102839
Injuries eating into his value; contract not seeming to be worth it
11Reggie BullockG/F6'72052435
Value mostly in his youth and rookie scale contract
12Darrun HilliardG/F6'62152231
Hasn't seen any action yet; reads just like Bullock
132016 2nd Round Pick45-50---30
Too early to expect anything with this one
14Spencer DinwiddiePG6'62002229
Things are looking bleak lately; Clock is ticking
15Aron BaynesF/C6'102602828
On a player friendly deal and yet to make an impact this season
16Steve BlakePG6'31753520
Oldest player on roster; likely superfluous when Jennings returns
17Joel AnthonyC6'92453315
Safety blanket at C; no expecation of serious on-court value

Value Scale Explained
Player values are measured on a whole number scale between 0 and 100, with 0 being the worst (no value) and 100 being the best.  This isn't a scale simply measuring Pistons players against each other.  It's hypothetically measuring the value of the player to the organization against the values of other players to their organizations.  Again, these values encompass almost everything, so a player's contract absolutely comes into play.  I won't be rating every team, but hypothetically, every player is a measured on a scale from 0 (variety of awful players) to Anthony Davis.  Davis would warrant a 100 score because he's young, a legitimate top-3 talent, on a very affordable rookie contract, and potentially under control for a very long time.  He's not even a free agent until 2016, at which point he'll be restricted.  Davis having ideal value here is something I would fight to the death over, and most reasonable NBA fans would likely agree on.  Everything in between the bottom-feeders and Anthony Davis is subjective.

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