Monday, November 30, 2015

2015-16 Asset Board

1Andre DrummondC6'112802291
Obvious #1 is obvious. 2nd best young big in the game.
2Marcus MorrisF6'92352668
Needs to get his jump shot back on track; Still a good value
3Reggie JacksonPG6'32102565
Good, not great, starting PG. Has a level we haven't seen this year
4Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG6'52052265
Still on his rookie contract, and a solid, if unspectacular, starter.
5Stanley JohnsonSF6'72451964
Flashes come and go. Youth and potential are his best assets.
62016 1st Round Pick12-18---62
Preferences in this range include Caris LeVert and Henry Ellenson.
7Ersan IlyasovaPF6'102352858
Flexibility in the contract adds extra value for an average guy
8Brandon JenningsG6'11752655
Check back when he's returned to action
9Anthony TolliverPF6'82403040
Pending FA; Shots need to start falling or his value will keep dropping.
10Jodie MeeksSG6'52102839
Injuries eating into his value; contract not seeming to be worth it
11Aron BaynesF/C6'102602832
Good moments and bad; Adequate backup, but deal hurts value
12Darrun HilliardG/F6'62152231
Value mostly in his youth and rookie scale contract
132016 2nd Round Pick42-48---30
Too early to expect anything with this one
14Spencer DinwiddiePG6'62002230
Things are looking bleak lately; Clock is ticking
15Reggie BullockG/F6'72052427
Earned PT in the preseason; Did absolutely nothing with his minutes
16Steve BlakePG6'31753523
Oldest player on roster; may be superfluous when Jennings returns
17Joel AnthonyC6'92453315
Safety blanket at C; no expecation of serious on-court value

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