2015-16 Asset Board

1Andre DrummondC6'112802289
Even with talent upgrades, still easily the Pistons' best piece.
2Reggie JacksonPG6'32102575
All-Star snub has been a pleasant surprise beyond the arc.
3Kentavious Caldwell-PopeSG6'52052371
Pistons went 1-3 without him. Defense is a plus and efficiency is improving.
4Tobias HarrisF6'92352369
Will fall second on this list if he ever shoots consistently from the outside.
5Marcus MorrisF6'92352668
New frontcourt additions should ease up his heavy playing time and duties.
6Stanley JohnsonSF6'72451966
Will be a real two-way joy to watch if he improves his shot selection/connection.
7Donatas MotiejunasF/C7'02252565
RFA status and health keep him below Johnson, Morris and Harris for now.
8Aron BaynesF/C6'102602852
Could see lighter minutes if/when Motiejunas plays the five.
9Darrun HilliardG/F6'62152250
9.3 PPG, 1.8 APG on 53.6 FG% and 40.0 3P% in 4 games KCP missed.
10Marcus ThorntonSG6'42052848
Trigger happy guard can hopefully provide punch to suddenly strong 2nd unit.
11Anthony TolliverPF6'82403040
Looking at a reduced role with the addition of Harris and Motiejunas.
12Jodie MeeksSG6'52102830
Health issues have completely submarined his value.
132016 2nd Round Pick43-51---30
A new PG prospect could be the target.
14Steve BlakePG6'31753628
The new backup PG, for better or for worse. Just needs to hit open shots.
15Spencer DinwiddiePG6'62002225
May get another look if Blake struggles, now that Jennings is gone.
16Reggie BullockG/F6'72052415
Fool's gold in the preseason. Break glass in case of severe, severe emergency.


  1. I think I like KCP for #2 on this list, above Marcus Morris at 3 and Reggie at 4.

    I'm not sure that Morris has had time to really prove the whole Phoenix debacle was just a case of bad fit for him. His personality and maturity may have been a big part of the problem, which could rear its head some point here in Detroit. That adds more risk to his long term contract.

    Also, I'm not convinced Morris' isolation offense is of positive value to the Pistons. It has bailed the team out at times, but I see it mostly as a distraction to building good ball and people movement habits.

    KCP is clearly starting to turn defensive potential into real defensive prowess. He has been placed on opponents' top ball handling or wing threat and has performed admirably. Even Steph Curry had an off night (by his standards) with KCP hounding him. This isn't something that's easily replaceable. Does Morris do anything that's hard to replace?

    1. If at any point Morris' maturity issues from Phoenix make an appearance in Detroit, he'll drop down this list immediately. Until then, I'm not going to ding him for something that could be an issue but hasn't. As far as what he brings to the table, I agree that his isolation offense is a problem. I'm not sure that he's calling his own number though. I think it may just be a part of the offense, especially when he's out there with the bench crew. He's on pace to run well over twice as many iso possessions than he did last season. In terms of positives, I think his post game has been big when the offense needs a bucket. He's passed the eye test for me defensively, and he fills the stat sheet. I don't have to tell you how bad the SF play has been here the last five or six years. The fact that Morris is our best PF as well is important. He'll slide right over once Stanley Johnson is ready to be a starter. That kind of versatility is what's hard to replace, especially at $5M per season.

      If KCP keeps this play up for another couple weeks (I'm going to try and update this monthly), then he'll get a bump and be right there with Reggie and Mook. You're absolutely right that his defense has actually been tangible this year, and if I had put this together after watching him slow down Curry, he would've been valued higher. With KCP, for me, it's all about showing consistency this year at both ends. He's done it defensively, but his offense comes and goes still. I think part of that is his role as the stopper and the heavy minutes. Regardless of what I assign as his value, he's clearly a big part of this team going forward. Thanks for reading/commenting!